Rhode Makoumbou
Rhode Makoumbou

Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou is a prolific and multi-faceted artist. She endeavours to portray a resolutely optimistic true-to-life Africa.Rhode Bath-Schéba Makoumbou was a precocious artist. She was only 8 years old when she became familiar to painting alongside her father, painter David Makoumbou.

Whereas at first the family studio was a playground for the young girl, she quickly acquired an artistic disposition and developed a passion for art. For all that, following her parents’ advice, she didn’t give up her studies and undertook training as a journalist but had to abandon it during the civil war (from 1997 to 1999).

THE FIRST ANNUAL Taste of Africa Fashion Show at the Indianapolis Museum of Art on May 19, 2012 will feature Spring collections from Congolese fashion designers, as well as African art and food. The annual event will empower African girls by sponsoring educational programs that teach sewing skills to girls in Africa. This year, the event will benefit The Georges Malaika Foundation’s School for Girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

MARIANNE Ilunga’s love for fashion started at an early age. Growing up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she remembers spending valuable time with her godmother who was a dressmaker. She collected fashion magazines as a hobby and spent time sketching several styles she believed would eventually come to life. Her parents decided it would be a great idea to let her attend a fashion magnet high school. Shortly before graduation the Congo experienced some political turmoil, so Marianne accepted the great opportunity to move to the United States.

It was with no doubt when the result was announced: Samuel Eto’o has been named African Footballer of the Year, making it a record four time at the annual CA awards ceremony held in Cairo last Monday. The Cameroonian scored a clinical, close-range second goal in a 3-0 triumph over TP Mazembe from Democratic Republic of Congo, the first African club to reach the final of the 10-year competition.

Born on December 14, 1977 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in a large family; Fally is rocked by music from an early age. Having a Catholic education, he began singing in the choir of the Church. As an adolescent, the young Congolese filled with dreams escapes through the musical universe despite the reservations of his parents who prefer to see him on the benches of the school.

A symbolic and untypical figure in the musical landscape of Congo-Brazzaville whose Rumba and Soukouss are the most dominant styles, former teacher, song-writer, poet and performer NZONGO SOUL has become famous for his musical style summorized by a single word:”WALLA” which symbolises purification for the Koongo people and etymologically means “listening to the path”.


Ma Kalou
New Album release: "Ma Kalou"

In the image of her country Reunion island, a tremendous mosaic of populations from all origins: Europe, Africa, China, India, Madagascar, interbreeding is the distinctive feature of the music offered by Reunionian poet, song-writer and singer YELA.

She draws from her island’s cultural legacies like Sega, Maloya, (percussions-based traditional music inherited from slavery times), and from the different backgrounds she grew up with : African, Carribean, Malagasy music, Jazz, Soul, Gospel…;to set to music her Creole and French poems inspired by her elders’ lifestories, her counterparts’ modern life, joys, pains, hopes and dreams. Through her artistic path, YELA joins the path of her island s’elders like: Alain PETERS, Luc Donnat, René LACAILLE, Danyel WARO, ZISKAKAN, BASTER…who all share Creole culture reappropriation and radiance as a motto.