Road2 Somewhere

Born in a very musical oriented family, David couldn’t help it but fall in love with music at a very tender age. David Tshibambe is singer, songwriter, arranger, producer, and an accomplished piano player. As a preacher’s kid and child of a mother who participated in the church’s choir, both avenues introduced him to the beauty and magic of melodies.
In his album “The Road to Somewhere” (R2S), the journey of David has laid out for every listener to hear, feel, and see through the pictures painted in the genuine words written within each and every song. The stories in the “R2S” record are fueled by heartache, healing, life battles and striving for success with a God-given talent.
Every song is a new experience, every experience came from a lesson, and every lesson came from a day in this life you and I can relate to.

New Album “Road 2 Somewhere” Available soon on iTunes and other online stores. Preview the album at

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