Panafrica 2010

'Paving the way towards better Health Care for Cameroonians in need'.

African Women's Development Foundation Inc and Hope Floats Initiative invite you to the 3rd Cameroon Medical Missions Luncheon and Mini Conference coming up  April 16th in Maryland. Please kindly RSVP by return email or Phone call. Join us and network with a great team of Professionals, business men and women, Community leaders and very dynamic movers and shakers.Support Cameroon Medical Missions and together we can pave the way towards better health care for Cameroonians in need. The Multi-phased Mission includes a medical supplies donation program, a team of Physicians consulting in clinics and performing minor surgery. This year the Mission will be based in the city of Limbe, serving the South West Region and in 2012 the mission will serve North West and Western Regions.

Date: Sat April 16 2011

Time: 10.30am  -  3.00pm

Location: The Vikings Center,

15212 Dino Dr, Burtonsville,

MD 20866

"We Can Change Our World, We Can Make a Difference"

Lady Kate Njeuma

President and Founder

Cameroon Medical Missions


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Lady Kate Njeuma

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