Brazzaville, Congo

The friends of our friends are our friends. ~ Congolese proverb

Ever had someone show up at your party and not knowing how they know you? Well, this is fairly common when it comes to Africans: we are caring people; so caring that our friends' friends are automatically considered as our friends.  We accept friendships by association, as long as it's coming from a person that we trust.

Could this also be our curse? Too much loving without filtering can bring unwanted ties to people that we have less in common other than our "friend(s)." It's a cultural thing that is played out on all levels. could colonialism benefited on this? How about current political ties?

This can also be our remedies. Solidarity and trust by association can be positive when you have great relationships, with people that you value and admire. Thus, great friends will bring you great connections; bad ones will bring you heartaches.

Tell us what you think about this African proverb and provide us with your interpretation. Comments are now open!

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